There are two pricing plans for the service: a Pay-per-use Plan and an Annual Unlimited License Plan.

All plans come with phone support, access to test evaluation materials and videos.

Pay-per-use Plan Pricing

Tests are sold as a set. Each set includes the 200 question Personnel Potential Analysis test, the 80 question IQ test and the Aptitude test.

Pay-per-use provides you with a means of purchasing one or more sets of tests. At a cost of $95 per set of tests the pay-per-use option provides afforadable testing when only 1 or a few sets are needed. Tests purchased under this pricing plan do not expire.

Annual Unlimited Licenses

Annual Unlimited License provides a substantial discount on testing. At an introductory price of $595 per year, the unlimmited option allows you to do all the testing you need for your business.